What is Food And Shelter

Shelter: We offer a collection of four meticulously detailed houses, ranging from a spacious four bedroom, shingle style, with dining  table to seat 10 and 5 more at the bar under a grand vaulted ceiling to a 450 sq. ft. cabin in the woods.  Added last year are 2 more, two bedroom, two bath houses tucked against a pine wood.  All of these three have screened porches and outdoor grills.

Food:  Last year we noticed that our guests most often arrived late in the evenings after a long drive and were tired and hungry yet had no desire to get back into the car to look for a place to eat.This season we are offering prepared dishes created by our resident chef (who just happens to live next door).  Guests can order in advance from a simple menu of hearty delicious fare, soups and stews vegetarian or not to be waiting on the stove.  With that, fresh baguette from our local bakery, compatible wine or other libations.  We can also stock the refrigerator with the basics, cream, butter, eggs, condiments and coffee.We are committed to the word “Hospitality’.  We love meeting new people and sharing this extraordinary environment that is Mt. Desert Island with our guests.

About The Team

Richard Bradford

I've never strayed far from building things.  My first job was landscaping but I seemed to rake closer and closer to the houses until I was in them.  From hand digging foundations to attaching copper roof caps I progressed the old fashioned way: Laborer, apprentice, journeyman, master carpenter, builder. I worked on projects in Portugal, London, Block Island, Long Island, Connecticut, New York City, and Los Angeles and in Maine where I established a company that has built and renovated homes for over forty years. Food & Shelter was created to consolidate that experience into a small community of homes distilling the best of what it means to build well and to live well into a unique architectural vernacular.

Kristen Tucker

Throughout my adult life I have maintained a passionate interest in holistic health—mind, body, spirit— and pursued training and experiences relating to these subjects throughout the world. Certified as clinical aesthetician, Thai Massage Therapist, Pilates, TRX suspension fitness trainer and “Living foods Chef” I have  owned and operated a full service spa, “Bella” since 2001 in the summer resort area of Mt. Desert Island, serving Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest, harbor and  Blue Hill. In those years I have learned to adapt my treatments to a vast range of skin types and skin conditions such as Rosacea, acne and excessive exposure to the sun. In the last five years in particular, I became more involved in integrating skin care, diet and exercise into a holistic program for my clients to keep them feeling and looking their best.

EMAIL: foodandshelterproperties@gmail.com
PHONE: 207-610-2409
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